Ryan Robertson

RYAN ROBERTSON grew up exploring the craggy coastline of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. It was here that his passion for surfing and ocean conservation was born. After moving to Canada with his family, Ryan began surfing the frigid waters of BC while finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria. Combining his education with his commitment to sustainability, Ryan has pursed a career in renewable energy, including work in the fuel cell, wind, wave and tidal energy industries.

Ryan has spent the latter part of his career in the electric power industry, with a focus on sustainable energy conservation technologies. Ryan was a participant in the 2006 Vic Maui Sailing Race and it was during this race that Ryan experienced first hand, the sheer magnitude of garbage afloat in the Pacific Ocean. As a director of Black Ice Technologies Inc., Ryan has been involved in the design of marine electronics aimed to reduce the quantities of raw human effluent dumped into our oceans. Ryan holds an advanced scuba certification, is a member of the Surfrider foundation and the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers.